The 2018 Pinot Noir represents the culmination of 21 years work in clonal selection and is the first release to contain a substantial amount of Bill's special block of Burgundy clones. This is the reason why this release is a watershed moment, a change in direction and such a delicious vino.

From the moment the bright, vibrant and  translucent cranberry juice splashes into the glass, you can tell this wine is about freshness. Sweet cherry pie and sandalwood on the nose leads to a superb mouthful of wine. A silky mouthful of delicate spice and thirst quenching fruit; leave the bottle open for a day and you get some satisfying earthiness and funk. Toes the line perfectly between deft subtlety and pleasing fruitiness and all points to a very long cellaring potential.

So is it the greatest wine they've ever produced? Well we've not tasted every single wine from the 20 or so vintages so we're not bold enough to make such a claim. However, have tasted enough vintages to know that this is a departure from what we know as Picardy Pinot; less robust, less dense. A focus on purity but not at the expense of flavour. 

So is it a change for the better? We're positive that it is and we are really looking forward to seeing how this wine develops and to how project Picardy evolves. What is certain is that this is the beginning a new chapter in the history of Picardy and you should become part of the story by buying some of this ASAP. 

Get on down tomorrow to sample what could be the best Pinot Noir ever produced in WA and/or grab some below at the sharpest price on the market:

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