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Peroni Red Gluten Free 330ml x 12



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Peroni Red Gluten Free 330ml x 12
Beer Peroni Senza Glutine .

"Call me Peroni , I will be your beer ". ” Peroni "Gluten Free ” is our beer.

This one "beer tv commercial Peroni "many years ago. Us abboamo wrote on Beer Peroni Senza Glutin and in 2015. The new Beer of the family Peroni became our Beer.

Its success has the tremendous celiac and many foreigners (After travelling in Italy) They asked where to buy Beer Peroni gluten-free in their countries of origin (We have posted some of the requests under the previous article with contacts).

Beer Peroni Gluten is guaranteed by brand Sally Barred the Italian celiac Association which ensures suitability for consumption by celiac.

We have tasted the Beer Peroni Gluten free along with our friends or non-celiac disease. Their judgment: “Flavor, taste are the same as the Beer Peroni Classic ".

A perfect balance between sweet and bitter, with a flavor of hops and easy to drink. Lager "gluten free "bottom-fermented pale yellow to taste at a temperature of 4° – 6°.
In the bottle of 330 ml. with alcohol to 4,7% with a gluten content of less than 10 ppm (parts per million)PERONI_BIRRA_33_SENZAGLUTINE_CONLOGO

Gluten-free production process is the same as the traditional product: the same ingredients, malt and maize 100% Italian.
Only at the end of lines of fermentation beers take different paths.

For the gluten free gluten is added an enzyme that breaks down. The beer is then submitted to two weeks of checks, even after the bottling, with four stages of analysis.

Great to drink with friends, beer Peroni ideal company of many dishes: appetizers, meat,roasts, pizza, sushi and many others

Pizza and beer Peroni Gluten Free: The Birra Peroni Senza Glutine It is a fundamental ingredient for the preparation of pizza – read our next article: How to prepare a delicious pizza with the original Italian recipe.

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