Cargo Cult Small Batch Dry Spiced 700ml


Cargo Cult Small Batch Dry Spiced 700ml

Inspired by a belief from the remote South Pacific, that a limitless supply of CARGO will appear from the heavens just as it did during WWII, if you believe…

Rich volcanic soil, unpolluted South Pacific island rain water and hand-cut cane produce Rum of unparalleled quality. Aged in the tropics and handcrafted in Australia, CARGO CULT is a uniquely balanced dry Spiced Rum… with no sugar added.

The story begins in WWII when US troops descended on isolated South Pacific islands with their never-ending stream of magical 'Cargo'… jeeps, Coca Cola, Luckies, tents, weapons… This cultural incursion caused seismic changes to the lifestyles of some islanders, who had seen few outsiders before.

The troops departed as quickly as they arrived, leaving only rusted jeeps and memories of tinned meat.

Yearning for a return to abundance, on some islands “Cargo Cults” formed, to summons the Cargo Cult gods and their limitless supply of unimaginable riches.

Even today on some remote islands, the Cargo Cults are patiently waiting...

Rich volcanic soil, unpolluted rainwater and sundrenched sugarcane from the remote Ramu River Valley (PNG) and Fiji produce a rum of unparalleled quality. Aged in the intense tropical heat and blended, spiced and bottled in small batches with no sugar added.
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