With so many different kinds of craft and experimental beers available in Australia, we don't see a wide coverage of our cannabis hemp beer.

Hops and cannabis both come from the same family of plants: the Cannabaceae. Hops and cannabis both contain terpenes; they have similar flavours that act as bittering agents and may also look quite similar with the hop plants coming in “strains” identical to cannabis. The most used strains of hops for beer are the Cascade, Chinook and Centennial.

There are a few exciting hemp companies in Australia experimenting with cannabis based beer. These cannabis or weed beers do not get your high, but they do have alcohol content and a unique taste to them.

Merry Jane produces tropical flavoured hemp beers in Australia. They qwench that thirst and have a unique after taste, a bit earthy, but in a good way.


Only over the past few years have Australian companies been able to produce cannabis based products for human consumption. This has opened the flood gates to beers, oils, creams, kombucha, chocolates, and so much more.

You can go buy high quality hemp and cannabis beer online, and its a taste of Australia's future.

We predict that Hops won't be replaced, but cannabis beer will definitely make a big impact on the industry. 

In the future when weed is completely legal, we expect to see more cannabis beer infused with THC and CBD

What does weed beer taste like? Pretty close to any other craft beer, but there are a lot of cannabis beers that are distinctively different. A earthly after taste, but in a good way.