Spring Bay Tasmanian Gin 46% 700ML



Spring Bay Tasmanian Gin 46% 700ML

Family owned Distillery located in Spring Bay Tasmania.

Spring Bay Gin uses only the finest global botanicals with a local twist and our pure rainwater which is both soft and sweet. The end product is a gin that is happy to be part of a cocktail or a classic G&T whilst exhibiting the complexity to be enjoyed neat or over ice.

Botanicals: 11 including 3 local botanicals (Native Bush Pepper, Lemon Myrtle, Tasmanian Wattle seed).

Botanicals are steeped for 24 to 48 hours then additional Juniper and Liquorice Root are vapour infused in the neck of our copper pot still to give a traditional Juniper flavour at the front of the palate through to a sweet liquorice finish.                This gin is triple distilled giving the spirit an ultra-smooth flavour despite the higher than normal ABV.

Nose: Immediate sweet floral notes of juniper, liquorice and spice.
Palate: From a bright and sweet juniper opening, the flavours build across the palate to include perfumed floral notes, bright citrus and a crescendo culminating in a big, warm and comforting glow of star anise and liquorice root.
Finish: A round smooth mouthfeel from this oily spirit gives way to a fine clean finish of liquorice and spice.